Welcome to the Salad Servers

At Salad Servers our passion for invention means that our original, hand crafted recipes stay ahead of trend, so your customers are tasting salads of unsurpassed quality.

Our abundant range of bespoke salad solutions can be tailored to fit your business and the needs and taste buds of your customers. Our Salad range is freshly made to order and ready to serve at your establishment, using an array of delicious and healthy ingredients for unique variety as well as catering to dietary preferences.

We feature an extensive pre-pack range, ideal as a conveniently healthy, fresh salad alternative - great for cafes, schools, universities, hospitals and industrial canteens. Its packaged convenience makes it the perfect "grab & go" meal - deliciously simple and suitable for supermarkets, convenience stores or any self serve refrigerated environments.

Enjoy our carefully selected existing range, or work with our experienced team to create bespoke recipes catered to your business.